For over 25 years, Precise Systems has demonstrated and perfected our ability to manage any task, no matter how difficult or complex. We provide comprehensive project and program management solutions across a spectrum of technical, sensitive, mission-critical functional domains. Our corporate history is complete with examples of rapid, cost-effective development and introduction of new systems/subsystems into our clients’ portfolios. We’ve played an integral role in the start-up of several high visibility programs including development of acquisition strategies, integrated master program schedule, budget baseline, and milestone documentation. Our acquisition experts have developed and maintained milestone documentation for programs in all phases of the acquisition lifecycle. Precise Systems creates “one stop” data repositories for management reports, guidelines, and tracking of regulatory and statutory documentation and requirements.


Financial Management

Our customers require timely and effective business, financial and administrative management support for technical programs and competencies. Precise provides analytical, business, financial and administrative support in the areas of funds management, financial tracking, and procurement documentation processing. We formulate acquisition strategies and funding requirements, and coordinate with IPTs, contractors, Budget Financial Managers (BFMs), and Contract Specialists to develop, generate, review, and track Procurement Initiation Documents (PIDs) to the award of funding. Precise manages PID development and coordinates technical elements including SOWs, Statements of Objectives (SOOs), CDRLs, and specifications for new procurements or modifications of existing contracts. We conduct financial and functional analyses of requirements, including critical path analyses, analyses of alternatives, trend analyses, and configuration management and control of data and information supporting acquisition and other programmatic decisions for aviation systems/subsystems. Precise personnel prepare and maintain Budget Execution Sheets (BESs), build direct project structures in the internal Navy Enterprise Resource Planning system (NERP), execute funds, and track status of funding transactions daily.

Acquisition Management

Precise develops and manages acquisition documentation for milestone approvals. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide input to the various acquisition and milestone documents while they are being drafted. Additionally, our team in the Pentagon coordinates milestone documentation reviews for programs. Precise is responsible for input as well as shepherding appropriate documents through the approval process within the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS). Throughout this process, and in response to program events, our team develops responses to White House, Congressional, Office of Secretary of Defense, the US Navy and Marine Corps data calls and inquiries. We prepare briefing packets for special access events and develop communications media documents for highly sensitive content. Precise delivers direct program and acquisition support to ensure cost, schedule, and technical baselines are managed effectively and analyzed against any funding constraints. We provide subject matter expertise for PMA-274, HQMC, OPNAV N98 and the White House Military Office (WHMO) for defining, updating, and maintaining mission, operational, supportability, and technical requirements associated with the Executive Helicopters Programs (legacy and VXX). Precise provides key interfaces among N98, the JCIDS, the NCDP, the EFDS, the PPBE, and the Defense Acquisition System.

Configuration Management (CM)

Precise employs our CM experience in the six primary CM disciplines: CM Planning, Configuration Identification, Configuration Control, Interface Management, Configuration Audits and Configuration Status Accounting to provide effective and efficient support to our customers. We support a customer’s goal that planned capability upgrades must be affordable, supportable and executable during a period of dwindling DoD resources. A significant attribute that impacts the DoD and CM in particular is concurrency due to extreme schedule overlaps between development and production. We provide technical analysis, processing and execution of change documentation to support effective and timely decision-making by our customers with special attention on the impacts due to concurrency.

Data Management (DM)

Precise assists our customers in providing data management support to the following areas: data management process and policies; technical data; and data rights and International Traffic and Arms Regulation (22 Code of Federal Regulations 120-130) (ITAR). We provide coordination and assistance in managing the implementation of data management policies and procedures. The types of data include administrative, management, financial, scientific, engineering and logistics information required to manage, operate and support our customer’s systems. Precise confirms that data being ordered shall be delivered, accessed, inspected and accepted per Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR) and the applicable contract requirements. We verify that all data deliverables include distribution statements in accordance with DoD 5230.24 and data containing information subject to restrictions be marked in accordance with DFARS Part 252.227-7013. Our analysts assist in routing the deliverables to the appropriate Integrated Functional or Product Team (IPT) for use, review and disposition. We understand the sensitivity of programmatic data and verify that access to delivered data will be limited to approved personnel only.

Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

The Precise Team has supported FMS efforts across a broad array of defense acquisition programs including, F-35, H-53, H-1, H-46, F-18G, and the E-2. Our team understands and appreciates the FMS lifecycle from Pre-Case Development through Case Closure within the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) framework and Service-specific implementations. Precise analysts develop and maintain program and acquisition information, assess performance, recommend solutions and resolve issues, and provide assessments and recommendations for long-term plans. We assist the FMS Case Managers to develop realistic goals that fall in line with FMS customer objectives. Our analysts assist in coordinating meetings and drafting presentations to aid in the development and inclusion of the goals into long range plans, consistent with Program plans for development and production. Additionally, we assist FMS Teams in maintaining relations and effective communications with the security cooperation community including the DSCA, SAF/IA, NIPO, and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to support efficient integration and coordination during case development, implementation, amendment/modification and closure.