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#PeopleofPrecise: Meet Mike Purzycki

Meet Mike Purzycki – Subject Matter Expert, Industry Writer, and Precise Systems’ Employee Spotlight for August 2023.

Mike currently supports our NAVSEA FMS/ILS team in Washington, D.C. as a Project Analyst. Outside of the office, he is a published author, having been featured in many well-known industry publications, including Divergent Options, the Center for Maritime Strategy, and the Center for International Maritime Security. He began writing and submitting his work after earning his Master’s degree in Global Affairs from Rutgers University. Some of his favorite topics to write about are national security, public policy, and the Sea Services.

When he’s looking for more of a casual read, Mike’s go-to book is George Orwell’s 1984. When asked why, he says, “I love the theme of the independent mind struggling against great odds.” He’d also love to sit down and have a meal with George Orwell himself!

Part of the reason why Mike is so passionate about industry-specific writing is that it allows him to better understand and expand his areas of expertise with each article he creates, and he believes that this could be beneficial for others on our Precise Team. His advice? “I think writing for policy- and security-focused outlets is a good way to convey the importance of your work to an interested audience. If you want to show how your job is important to America’s defense, a publication read by people in the security realm is a good place to do it. Doing research for an article you’re about to write is also a good way to understand how your area of expertise interacts with others.”

Precise Systems is pleased to have such driven go-getters like Mike on our Team. We thank Mike for all his hard work, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.