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Precise Awarded Third Task Order Supporting PMA-209

Precise Company Award Block

LEXINGTON PARK, MD, January 24, 2017 — On December 15, 2016, Precise Systems was awarded a $22.3M, five-year task order to provide Science, Engineering, Technical and Logistics Support Services to the NAVAIR PMA-209 Capability Management Team. The Capability Management Team focuses on improving collaboration between PMA-209, Air Combat Electronics (ACE) and program office customers. The team will aid in developing collective multi-platform capability integration strategies that meet platform community requirements and capture Enterprise level efficiencies. Partner companies include DCS Corporation and SAIC, both of which are long standing service providers in PMA-209. Precise additionally performs work under two other task orders supporting PMA-209 initiatives: Acquisition (ACQ) and International Program Teams; and Common Acquisition Programs (CAP).