The Precise Team has supported FMS efforts across a broad array of defense acquisition programs including, F-35, H-53, H-1, H-46, F-18G, and the E-2. Our team understands and appreciates the FMS lifecycle from Pre-Case Development through Case Closure within the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) framework and Service-specific implementations. Precise analysts develop and maintain program and acquisition information, assess performance, recommend solutions and resolve issues, and provide assessments and recommendations for long-term plans.

We assist the FMS Case Managers to develop realistic goals that fall in line with FMS customer objectives. Our analysts assist in coordinating meetings and drafting presentations to aid in the development and inclusion of the goals into long range plans, consistent with Program plans for development and production. Additionally, we assist FMS Teams in maintaining relations and effective communications with the security cooperation community including the DSCA, SAF/IA, NIPO, and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to support efficient integration and coordination during case development, implementation, amendment/modification and closure.