Precise Systems provides a myriad of engineering services to our customers such as systems engineering, architectural design, requirements management, hardware and software development support, aircraft ground and flight testing support, technical data tracking and review, technical program metrics tracking, and risk management. Precise Systems’ employees are expert at evaluating technology alternatives, developing conceptual system designs, developing detailed operational concepts, planning for development programs, preparing required documentation, evaluating mission planning requirements, performing operational analyses of mission scenarios, performing analyses of hardware and software integration, and determining test and evaluation requirements. Precise Systems also offers a host of technical support services, such as developing interactive electronic technical manuals support for large-scale aircraft operators.


Systems Engineering

Precise maintains a thorough understanding of the DOD Acquisition and Systems Engineering process, inclusive of a working knowledge of the Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Life Cycle Management System. We provide engineering support for the design, development, test, evaluation, and engineering related logistics for the sustainment of Airborne EW systems, subsystems, equipment, and components, and their associated platforms. This engineering support requires us to perform reverse engineering on electronic and mechanical assemblies and deliver to the Government a design disclosure Technical Data Package.

We provide material development, material/process demonstrations and process engineering support for electronic engineering interconnection fabrication, electronic assembly fabrication process, and lead-free solder research and analysis. We have knowledge of specialized material and processes for EW applications (radomes, antennas, and power supplies) and we provide engineering support to develop techniques, instructions, and guidance on a variety of electronic component types including through-hole components, dual-inline-package (DIP), flat pack, and high-density, high-complexity surface mount technology circuit card assemblies (CCA) or modules.

Precise’s engineering and technical services support includes the flight clearance process, Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) process, configuration management, performing technical analysis, providing technical recommendations, and assessing requirements for new production and In-Service programs. We perform analysis of engineering requirements to support retrofit, installation and integration efforts and provide recommendations on various acquisition strategies to support the integration of modification kits. Our engineers identify risks for each program, monitoring and reporting on the technical progress, schedule, alternative and work around procedures; recommending areas of improvement for each program.

Precise also provides configuration management services for monitoring production, deliveries, cost, and financial data. We provide configuration management support services in the analysis, evaluation, and tracking of configuration baselines. We review Government Furnished Property (GFP)/Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)/Government Furnished Information (GFI) requirements, scheduling, and costs in support of program milestones.

Requirements Engineering

Precise supports the requirements analysis and verification for platform system data by utilizing the Rational DOORS® product. We establish database structures that produce full traceability of all requirements throughout the acquisition lifecycle providing requirements analysis and verification support to develop, characterize, review, coordinate and link related requirements, architecture elements and test plans concerning applicable platform system capabilities. Our engineers support the establishment, collection, and maintenance of metadata, on each requirement to support the generation of various reports and metrics, and assign additional attributes to provide group correlation and characterization of elements across the technical documents.

Our engineers develop and maintain requirement traceability to decomposed requirements, test procedures, regulations, and architectural elements to produce analyses of linked data to client program data. We support expanding and refining technical documentation decomposition required to support the evolution of program technical baselines, specifications, and test plans. Precise develops Capability Development Documents (CDD), System Design Specifications (SDS), Concept of Operations (CONOPS), User Cases, User Scenarios, Functional Analysis, and other engineering requirements documents determined by our customers.

We provide Verification Matrices including, methods of verification for the applicable platform systems. We support the population of the applicable platform requirements system with government provided reference data to establish a detailed set of reference and historical data for client program use.

Integration Engineering

Our engineers provide classified and unclassified engineering and technical services to resolve fielding concerns with platform acquisition requirements. They provide engineering and technical services for National Security Agency certification of type-one cryptographic devices and to assist in the definition of the functional and operator/system interfaces and specifications for avionics systems. Our engineering, technical, and logistics services support the update, modification, integration, testing, certification and procurement of subsystems and platform products and ensure traceability throughout the validation/verification process. These services also include a platform-by-platform analysis and documentation of the installation and operation of the system within the host aircraft platform(s) avionics suite.

Our engineering and technical services plan and execute simulation and evaluation efforts for modified systems. Our planning includes the production and modification of plans and procedures, matrices, and event cards, as well as definition and review of the processes, procedures, and secure infrastructure for data collection, storage, analysis and reporting. We support our customers in the review and data analysis, and provide engineering and technical recommendations for acquisition strategy and engineering technical solutions.

Precise’s engineering and technical support includes analyses, traceability, functional analyses, and documentation in systems/subsystems specifications and associated documentation. We provide engineering technical and operational expertise for civil airspace interoperability mandates and produce and review Naval Air Training Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) and concept of operations documents and inputs. Our support analyzes specific weapon systems and subsystems and assesses the principal factors impacting the supportability of the system. We quantify the scope and nature of the support required to meet specific operational mission requirements efficiently and effectively.

Reliability, Maintainability & Availability (RM & A)

Precise provides engineering support to ensure that Airborne systems, subsystems, equipment, and components and, their associated platforms’ RM&A requirements are integrated with system design, development and life cycle sustainment requirements. Results are measured in warfighting capabilities that function effectively when required and that detection and correction of design deficiencies, weak parts, and workmanship defects that affect functionality are implemented. This support includes the analysis of reliability requirements and goals, construct models, and analysis of product design for reliability and performance for several Airborne Systems. The end state of our support is to achieve higher equipment availability and lower maintenance costs through predictive maintenance technologies, regularly scheduled monitoring utilizing predictive technologies, the coordination of the necessary maintenance through teamwork with other maintenance and operations personnel, working with Government Supervisory personnel, planning, engineering, and field personnel, and any other methods that can be identified to improve RM&A.

Additionally, Precise personnel define reliability and maintainability requirements, methods, and processes for Airborne Systems and their associated platforms as well as develop and review Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) plans, analyses and test results. Additional responsibilities include analyses of Fleet Aviation Maintenance Material Management (AV-3M) and Depot Data to provide recommendations for Reliability and cost reduction efforts to support system improvements and maintainability.

Installation, Alteration & Repair Technical Support

Precise performs on-site surveys in preparation for new and fielded Airborne systems, subsystems, equipment, and component installations. We monitor and verify system, subsystem, equipment and component installations against applicable installation control drawings and procedures and recommend changes if required. We review and provide recommendations on system, subsystem, equipment and component installation requirements and documentation and shall furnish the Government recommendations with justifications.

Precise maintains engineering/technical databases of In-Service systems, updated parts list for systems, and provide engineering support in use of systems in the operational environment, key performance parameters, and interface to other systems. We maintain liaison with all Government customers, which hold system assets, and provide all pertinent information/data/findings/conclusions gained from interaction with customer units back to customer Project Managers. We review and evaluate electronic equipment, electronic components, and computer program design and design changes provided as GFI on systems to establish compliance with contract and mission requirements. This includes analyses to identify potential impacts on performance, reliability, maintainability, availability, user interface, logistics, schedule, and cost.

Precise performs pre-installation checks in accordance with installation drawings and specifications in preparation for installations of new or refurbished equipment. We conduct associated operational verification tests to assure operational integrity of the installed equipment. We review equipment installation requirements and documentation and provide recommendations with justifications to the Government. Our technicians regularly receive, inventory and verify Government Furnished Material (GFM) such as spares, support equipment, technical data, fleet introductory material, and modification kits for outfitting at Government Furnished Facilities (GFF).

We perform site inspections and annotate technical and model drawings in preparation for alteration, change, upgrade, or retrofit of systems, subsystems, equipment and components to ensure compliance with its operational specifications. We perform the first alterations and special equipment installations, to proof the field change and field change kit, to ensure that these changes are in accordance with their designed specifications and operational requirements and provide the Government with their recommendations and basis for such recommendations for any possible improvements and corrections.

Precise performs the repair and maintenance actions on Airborne systems, subsystems, equipment, components and their associated platforms, at customer sites and in the Fleet and at shore stations worldwide requiring repair beyond the skill of organizational maintenance personnel. Our repair and maintenance actions are executed on electronic, mechanical, hydraulic equipment and systems. Our technical support includes removal and installation, deployment, and performance of recovery of decommissioned equipment and systems. Additionally, the work requires technical assessments, testing, repair, and performance verification testing of modules, subassemblies, and system level equipment. We test, troubleshoot, remove, install, assemble, replace, and solder components on CCA’s and modules. Precise operates and programs computer graphics equipment associated with the marking of components and assemblies and the generation of signage. Our technicians develop three dimensional computer aided drafting (CAD) models of mechanical parts and assemblies for repair and fabrication.

Precise troubleshoots and repairs sophisticated EW systems, including AN/ALQ-99 TJS transmitters, receivers, universal exciters and other associated electronic systems, to render these systems operational and provide life cycle support. Our on-equipment work encompasses chassis, wire harness, and connector repairs; micro miniature circuit repairs/mods; dielectric fluid coolant and air-cooling heat transfer systems, high-power radio frequency (RF) device testing and adjustment, and validation of calibration requirements. Our technicians maintain solder certification to IPC requirements and Miniature/Microminiature (2M) certification standards.